Our Process

We take all potential clients through an initial process which begins with discovery and matures into a fully defined relationship with all measures for accountability and success clear laid out. Here are the steps that we walk through together:


Gather information to understand your goals and objectives as it relates to financial management. We begin with a high-level understanding of where you are now financially, and where you expect to be in the future.


We then run a full analysis of your financial picture to uncover any potential for increased efficiencies, whether financial planning-related, or specific to portfolio management techniques.


We then come to the table with our recommendations of how to better meet your goals and objectives initially laid out.


Next, we hold our clients’ hands through the implementation process by providing open lines of communication on all steps agreed upon.


By this point, we have a clearly-defined relationship scope, and will provide ongoing support. This comes with a proactive, scheduled meeting structure to ensure ongoing communications. We also prompt discussions on any additional planning techniques that may potentially be used for your benefit as life changes and as any applicable laws change. Finally, as required, we will manage the process for any future changes that are agreed upon.